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2014 Gubernatorial Candidate Dr. Robert Ornelas and Actress Kili' Kina copy

California gubernatorial candidate Dr. Robert Ornelas and EliteTVNews on the red carpet at the movie premier for I LOVE YOU. The world premier took place at the Edwards Riverside Plaza Stadium 16 in Riverside, CA. Ornelas was accompanied by son Robert Ornelas Jr. member of international Hip Hop group The S.O.G. Crew.

The movie was directed by Lukas Colombo and Written/Produced by James Love.

“Very honored to be a guest for the premier of this new movie produced by good friend James Love. James is an articulate person that understands how to express his ideas and feelings onto the big screen. It gives us great pleasure to use these types of examples while working with Native, Latin and African American youth. We have been blessed to encourage students to get involved in media and the arts throughout the country. OHBoX, SWIG and Roku will be the platforms that will air the EliteTVNews episode of I Love You Movie Premier thanks to Donna Donna McAfee and Global Music TV,” stated Dr. Robert Ornelas

Based on the timeless story of the prodigal son and inspired by true events. I LOVE YOU is a riveting roller coaster ride of ecstatic highs, shattering lows, artistic triumphs, personal tragedy, spiritual rapture and violent death. All of which is set to a panoramic soundtrack of masterful American music created with a fiery passion.

It will make you laugh. It will make you cry. Most of all, it will change your life.

I Love You Movie PremierLittle Battle Ax from The S.O.G. Crew