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Hip-hop culture is global! One might be amazed to discover that its originating goal was “Love, Peace, Unity, and Having Fun!” While this goal got lost in certain negative societal characteristics, the 2013 Abingdon Press Bible and Arts program, Hip-Hop Hope: Jesus Makes Me Glad, is a perfect opportunity to offer Jesus as the ultimate DJ, who scratches out new songs of hope. Jesus is the b-boy, Lord of the Dance, who moves through history bringing salvation. Through the skits, lessons, games, and poetry of this curriculum, Jesus’ words will splash pictures in the minds and hearts of children, teens and adults, giving them the chance to accept Jesus as the MC of their lives! In the words of hip-hop artist turned Christian minister, Kurtis Blow, “Don’t get it twisted, God has always existed!”

Blessed that SOG was part of this bible and arts program featuring Kurtis Blow Walker. It teaches young and old on Love, Peace, Unity, and Having Fun! Very foundational and blessed to push this out throughout the country. Dr. Robert “Battle Ax” Ornelas

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