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November 4th 2012- the first Latin American ever to be on the ballot in California Dr. Robert ‘Battle Ax’ Ornelas is a man of many talents. The producer/videographer/rapper is being dubbed as the father of political hip-hop. A true American born and raised, Ornelas turned to hip-hop music to express his life trials. Passionate about God, family and music Ornelas’s true heart for the community led him to the political arena.

His group The S.O.G Crew has traveled the country building personal relationships with families across the nation. Due to his consistency, the nation fell in love with the music and message. This never before seen characteristic in a political office is being embraced in a way no one would have expected. The VP candidate’s group was invited to New Hope Harvest Christian Fellowship in Salinas, CA to perform during Sunday service. It was here that Dr. Ornelas announced that he will be running for Governor of California in 2014. The S.O.G Crew has broken the mode on many platforms. To book The S.O.G Crew contact them at sogmedia@aol.com for more on New Hope Harvest visit www.nhcfsalinas.com

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