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Ambassador at Large to the Republic of Burundi Dr. Clyde Rivers introduced Republic of Burundi’s Deputy Chief of State Protocol Ambassador Albert Nasasagare, PhD to community activist and vice presidential candidate Dr. Robert Ornelas. On behalf of His Excellency Pierre Nkurunziza (a born-again Christian and former rebel leader) Dr. Albert visits the U.S seeking fellow Christians with influence. This will help to mold a better and more prosperous nation. Where they are lacking most is in technology and media. Dr. Ornelas is the perfect candidate for influencing the masses in this area.  Having mastered this subject, Dr. Ornelas is in the process of creating a media curriculum to teach at the summit scheduled in Burundi Africa July 8th-13th 2013. More details on this summit are to be announced.

U.S Vice Presidential Candidate 
Dr. Robert Ornelas
 American Independent Party


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