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The annual Northern Navajo Fair in Shiprock, NM brings people from all over the reservation. The carnival is set up along with tents and booths for individuals to sale delicious Navajo specialties like Navajo taco’s, mutton stew and fry bread. This year Solid Rock Youth Outreach and Victory Life Church set up a tent for a special concert with EMG/Universal Music Group artist The S.O.G Crew. Thursday Oct. 4th and Friday Oct. 5th The S.O.G Crew performed for 2 full hours each night!

In attendance was Dr. Mike, associate to the Prime Minister of Israel. He came to visit the Navajo on business. The S.O.G Crew was honored to perform their 2011 single “Jerusalem” for Dr. Mike. He listened to the powerful song in awe. He was moved and even emotional at the words of the song. “It felt like a bit of home, I didn’t expect to find that here. It was beautiful.”–Dr. Mike Cohen associate to the Prime Minister of Israel

The S.O.G Crew is making plans to visit Israel in the near future.

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