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Dr. Robert “Battle Ax” Ornelas is the first of his kind. He spent his youth in a constant struggle involved in street life, violence, and a broken home. He was lost and leaned on rap and hip-hop music to express his life’s journey. Eventually he was a trouble maker turned minister. As an ordained evangelist he continued to lean on hip-hop music to influence the masses.

Dr. Ornelas broke the mode when he received his honorary doctorate degree from Kayiwa International University of Uganda for his years of work in the fields of Humanities and Media Communications. It is not very common to find a hip-hop/rapper to hold a doctorate degree in any field, so just as James Brown was known as the father of soul, Elvis the king of rock n’ roll, Michael Jackson the king of pop, it’s safe to say Dr. Ornelas is the father of political Hip-Hop.

His hit single Jerusalem is a very political song. It’s music with a message that speaks very loud. So loud that it caught the attention of the AIP (American Independent Party). The AIP saw that Dr. Ornelas has a passion past the music and he is a supporter of Israel. All his music outlines the same interests as the AIP. They believe and pursue morals, God and family. After multiple trips to Capitol Hill and speaking to party officials the AIP has chosen Ornelas to be their VP candidate for 2012.  Dr. Robert Ornelas will be the first Latin American in U.S history to be on the ballot in California as a vice presidential candidate.

Ornelas tells Elite TV that despite political obligations he will continue to make cause music. Elite TV asks Ornelas what it feels like to be an influence in the political arena and labeled the father of political Hip-Hop. He had this to say.

“It is a tremendous honor to be selected by the people as the AIP’s Vice Presidential Candidate. I grew up admiring pioneers like Run DMC, Public Enemy and many others that expressed themselves through Hip Hop music. One of the major lessons that I have learned while involved in the Hip Hop culture is the fact that we have been blessed with the freedom of speech. I have been a gospel Hip Hop artist since 1998 and have not had a platform to speak to the public about urban issues, political issues, national youth issues nor world issues until now. The Hip Hop community imparted to me a revelation of freedom of speech that led me to study my amendment rights. Free exercise of religion is also a first amendment right that gives me the confidence to address the many issues that our nation faces today. As a Vice presidential Candidate it is my obligation to address the difficulties and challenges that our young people face. Being labeled the Father of Political Hip-Hop does not mean anything unless we do something to help change our country. My prayer is that I can be faithful with the platform that has been given to me and that I can be an example to all those that follow. I hope to inspire a generation the same way that I have been inspired by all the legends of Hip Hop.” Dr. Robert “Battle Ax” Ornelas Vice presidential Candidate (American Independent Party)

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