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The American Independent Party is on the move in the political arenas of the United States of America. The conservative Pro-Life Party platform has made a big hit with the youth of this nation. They made a bold move at their convention by nominating the first Latino Vice Presidential candidate in the history of the AIP. The Vice Presidential candidate, Dr. Robert Ornales is also a Hip-Hop artist and political activist. Dr. Ornales won the Vice Presidential nomination for his strong views for Israel. Dr. Ornales is on the AIP ticket with Presidential candidate, Tom Hoeling.

It is time for the politicians of America to seriously look at the issues from a grass roots level. The thing that makes Dr. Ornales the man for this hour in America is his history working with the young people of America at all levels, from the Hood to Hollywood, he has worked with all cultures. These are the things that make Dr. Ornelas the best man to represent and help America. He understands the issues because he has put his boots on the ground across in the United States of America. He represents a leader that really understands your issues.

The AIPCA, under the chairmanship of Dr. Wiley Drake, is moving forward to create a powerful party in California. America is ready for different ideas to lead our great nation.

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Prof. Clyde Rivers Elite TV News

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