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Thursday, September 27 2012- Dr. Robert Ornelas the first Latin American in U.S history to be on the ballot in California as U.S vice presidential candidate on the Independent ticket spoke to the community in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles area is the main focus of nation wide vision of the Community Empowerment Commission (C.E.C) a commission on effective education. With their “Promote the vote, voter registration drive” slogan C.E.C and Dr. Frances Copeland, Chair – Education Committee successfully hit the local streets, schools, and ministries to promote this event.

Dr. Ornelas took the stage at the Church of Scientology Community Center where the event was held. It is a place where ministers of his same faith often times refuse to go. There was no room for discrimination at this event. Dr. Robert found it extremely vital to speak and encourage the community. The event reflects the beliefs and moral stand point of Dr. Robert’s campaign, although he was not there to lobby. He spoke on his role as a community activist. Sharing his personal story and how he will continue to help the youth of the nation.

U.S Vice Presidential Candidate
Dr. Robert Ornelas
American Independent Party

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