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“Reminding this Great Nation of its First Amendment Right to freedom of religion and peaceful gathering.”

Hello Everyone. It’s that time of year again! Next month we’ll be doing a 25-Day ‘Spirit of America Tour’ and reminding this Great Nation of its First Amendment Right to freedom of religion and peaceful gathering. We have much to share with you including our newest singles ‘Welcome to My World – Remix’ and ‘Got to Believe’. So, get geared up and meet us in a city near you! Also, if you are interested in scheduling a radio interview, performance, photo shoot, school visit, prison visit or speaking engagement call us, we’d be honored to partner with you.

Tour Schedule:

Saturday, June 2nd – Castroville, CA
Sunday, June 3rd – Canoga Park,CA
Friday, June 8th – Whiteriver, AZ
Saturday, June 9th – Whiteriver, AZ
Sunday, June 10th – Los Angeles, CA
Thursday, June 14th – Towoac, CO
Friday, June 15th – Colorado Springs, CO
Saturday, June 16th – Omaha, NE
Sunday, June 17th –
Colorado Springs, CO
Monday, June 18th – Crow Agency, MT
Tuesday, June 19th – Crow Agency, MT
Wednesday, June 20th – Crow Agency, MT
Thursday, June 21st – Minneapolis, MN
Friday, June 22nd – Chicago, IL
Saturday, June 23rd – Indianapolis, Indiana
Sunday, June 24th – Nashville, TN
Monday, June 25th – Washington, DC
Tuesday, June 26th – Washington, DC
Wednesday, June 27th –
Thursday, June 28th –
Friday, June 29th – Buffalo, NY
Saturday, June 30th –
Sunday, July 1st – Bridgeport, CT
Monday, July 2nd –
Tuesday, July 3rd –
Wednesday, July 4th –
Thursday, July 5th – Okmulgee, OK
Friday, July 6th – Shiprock, NM
Saturday, July 7th – Shiprock, NM
Sunday, July 8th –

Saturday, July 21st – Upland, CA
Saturday, July 28th – Somerton, AZ
Sunday, July 29th – Somerton, AZ

The S.O.G. Crew P.O. Box 8741 Anaheim, CA 92804
Phone: (818) 517-3458

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