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On May 4, 2012 – Yesterday in Washington D.C., arrests were made at a prayer vigil and demonstration in support of Chen Guangcheng. Organized by Director of Christian Defense Coalition, Pat Mahoney and joined by U.S. Presidential Candidate, Dr. Wiley Drake, Gwyn Epeppard, 56 years old, Tina Whittington, 37, and Sarah Maher, 23; all five were arrested while kneeling down and praying in front of the White House together for the safety of Mr. Chen and his family; and praying for corrective action by the Obama Administration who had neglected to assist Mr. Chen in gaining asylum in the U.S. by allowing the embassy to let him go at the threat of the Chinese government. Standing for Human Rights and Justice; the founding principles of our very own U.S. Constitution, the group petition President Obama not to fail to uphold these rights, especially for those who seek asylum from us through the embassy. Abandoned by several others who joined the vigil to pray; the five activist were handcuffed in the rain, charged for “failure to obey lawful order” to disperse and were released on a $100 fine. U.S. Presidential Candidate Dr. Wiley Drake states, “I want Mr. Chen to know that we are in support of him. We are a nation of laws and freedom. Our country has long been a country of sanctuary and accepting those in trouble. And we will not allow politics to get in the way of protecting human rights.”