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Presidential Candidate, Wiley Drake, has officially appointed the nation’s top Latino youth activist, Dr. Robert Ornelas, as Vice Presidential Candidate on his Independent ticket. Drake was the Vice Presidential Candidate for Alan Keyes in the 2008 Election under the American Independent Party. His running mate, Dr. Ornelas, was appointed the Ambassador of the Native American Nations by the Congressional Prayer Conference of Washington D.C.this year and became Special Adviser for Youth in North America and Latino Communities to Dr. Clyde Rivers (Honorary Ambassador at Large for the Republic of Burundi) back in 2010.

Presidential Candidate Willey Drake

Drake’s appointment is not taken lightly; Dr. Ornelas maintains an extensive list of accomplishments in community activism regarding youth, Native Americans, Latinos, and a number of measures of interactions with government officials, law enforcement and churches. Dr. Ornelas’ personal ambition reflects Drakes’ Churchfare philosophy, which is to restore our country to “One Nation Under God”. An Official Announcement will be scheduled for sometime during the 2nd week of May. All media will be welcomed to attend. More news to come.

“Dr. Ornelas is the man of the hour for the youth of the world.” Dr. Clyde Rivers, Political Analyst for Elite TV News