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April 3, 2012, Anaheim, CA – Hey everyone, we are proud and excited to announce that today marks the official release of the new single, Welcome To My World the remix through Executive Music Group, Fontana and Universal Music Group! That means that you can now purchase the single at the ease of going to the iTunes Store! Visit and buy right now, on Google Play, Amazon and iTunes. And be sure to spread the good news with friends, relatives and coworkers! Welcome To My World was mixed by Paramount Recording Studios engineer, Geoff Gibbs (Common, Snoop, The Game, Ludacris) and mastered at Oasis Mastering Burbank by Gene Grimaldi (Lady GaGa, Akon, Mary J Blige). You can also view the official music video on Windows Media Guide for music, Hip Hop DX, Mevio, Brown Planet and a host of other sites as listed below. We will also give you the first mobile companies on board to carry the new single for ringtones; with more to come!