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March 3rd marked the date of the first official event for The S.O.G Crew’s Where Legends Are Born Tour 2012, invited by long time friend and missionary Gayle Large of Native Assemblies of God in Omaha, NE. Church service was held in a historical landmark building that is in the heart of a city that is in much need of hope and inspiration. What better way to shake the city than with the loud sound of some good hip-hop music; as was the goal when Gayle invited the crew out to perform! Slowly, but surely, people trickled in to join in on what turned out to be something like a party. By the end of the night after music, limbo, fry bread and fellowship people were touched and moved by The S.O.G Crew’s love for people and God. This will not be a one-time visit. You can be sure that S.O.G will be back to visit new their new friends and family in Omaha.

You can follow the group on Twitter @thesogcrew

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