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The S.O.G Crew is a powerful hip-hop group from Anaheim, CA that is taking the music industry by storm. Currently under Emg/Universal Music Group and working with CBS Interactive Music Group, these artist have a huge fan base in the US and all over world.  They are making their mark. Almost everywhere you go someone is talking about The S.O.G Crew. Here are a few reviews on what music critic’s and entertainers are saying about this fresh new sound.

“The remix features Dj Siren, and promises to be a game changer in the constantly changing landscape of modern hip hop.”

Byron McGuire – Static Multi Media

“The S.O.G. Crew, a musical powerhouse out of Anaheim, CA, just produced a rock solid and breathtaking remix of their original song “Welcome to My World.”

Maggie Pannacione – Artist direct

“S.O.G. Crew “Welcome to my world” remix ft. DJ Siren! This high energy S.O.G. remix boasts a verse from the one and only DJ Siren, crunchy guitar riffs and heavy drums for a real west coast sound. Fans of the genre know when S.O.G. performs they don’t slouch on stage and the “WTMW” remix proves just that, a rock heavy hip-hop blend. BattleAxe’s verse boldly proclaims L.A., Annaheim city and the wars going on around him in day to day society. You realize he’s encouraging people to go on the journey with him, and that you can surely replace their city for yours. DJ Siren steps out in full confidence providing commentary with everything from female rappers to political corruption. The lyrics present a clear picture you can grab hold of,and as S.O.G. fans know at the live shows, they want your participation.This is a song you go nuts to at an S.O.G. show, cruising the ave. or putting in that work at the gym. “I-look-up-to-the-sky, I-look-up-to-the sky”…..”

“I loved it! It was cool! I would love to do it again and again! I loved the music! This was just a stepping stone into the Pro level!” ”

“A long established hip hop group hits the music market with a remarkably new sound this week. “Where Legends Are Born” is the third album from S.O.G. Crew in their decade long career. ”

“SOG Crew’s new Where legends Are Born Album has 12 exceptionally mixed and mastered tracks by Paramount Recording Studio engineers, Geoff Gibbs, Bill Dooley and Mike Lazer known for their work with Snoop, 36Mafia, Ludacris, Madonna, AC/DC, Gnarls Barkley and others. ”

“SOG’s “I Can Finally Breathe,” an emotionally stirring music video that rivals any I have ever seen. The story told through the song and video is touching to everyone, even if they’ve never experienced what the young man in the video does. With such a great portrayal of a life turning itself around in both film and song, it should be no question whether you’ll be looking out for more from the L.A. representers in the future.”

“S.O.G. is the truth! No matter if its ten or one thousand people, they give it 100%!”

“I’ve been watching the s.o.g. crew for a few years now. They have been grinding for a minute now and every time I run into them it seem’s like they are getting better and better. I just got there new music and its killer and on top of that they are some really good people. There sound has gotten better over the years and they have turned into complete musicians, artists and entertainers. The ambition and the drive that this group has is huge. I see big things for them in the near future.. much love and respect”

“S.O.G. Crew is one of the hardest working crew’s on the street, gospel or secular. They are a breath of fresh air in terms of unity of how THE WEST COAST used to be.”