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In the months of February and March, EMG/Universal Music Group The S.O.G. Crew will be guest performing on a television show geared towards young viewers from the ages of 13-30 called JC TV’s ‘Top 3’; a member of the Trinity Broadcast Network, along with a guest appearance by DeVon Franklin, Author of ‘Produced by Faith’, Motivational Speaker and current Vice President of Production for Columbia Pictures, a division of Sony Pictures Entertainment. The S.O.G. Crew will be performing on 8 episodes of ‘Top3’ to share new music from their latest album, ‘Where Legends Are Born’ (2011). Thegroup has given viewers a gift in performing their newest single ‘Welcome To My World’ before releasing it March 15th or performing it anywhere else. Watch ‘Top 3’on the following dates online at www.jctv.org; on cable or your satellite network:

Tuesday, February 21st @ 5 pm and 9 pm PST
Thursday, February 23rd @ 5 pm PST
Friday, February 24th @ 12 am PST
Monday, February 27th @ 1 am PST

Tuesday, March 13th @ 5 pm and 9 pm PST
Thursday, March 15th @ 5 pm PST
Friday, March 16th @ 12 am PST
Monday, March 19th @ 1 am PST

You can follow the group on Twitter @thesogcrew