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EMG/Universal Music Group Artist Battle Ax from The S.O.G. Crew joins presidential campaign.
“I have been a witness of Wiley Drake’s work for years. I started helping out my community in the late 90’s and stumbled upon a men’s and women’s shelter here in Buena Park, CA. I was inspired by this southern Baptist preacher because of his heart to help the people. He has given people hope for years and never stops working for God and the people. Later on I met Wliey Drake again as I helped orgainze online churches through out Africa and Mr. Drake helped teach our African network to minister and to establish online radio. The S.O.G. Crew has also performed at the shelter many times and worked along side Mr. Drake at Knott’s Berry Farm Amusement Park for a Veterans Day Memorail Service. He is a person that set’s goals and works hard to get them done. I look forward in being a part of this team. My main goal is to help and learn as much as I can so that I can help my family and my city of Anaheim better.”
 Dr. Robert “Battle Ax” Ornelas
   The S.O.G. Crew
   Anaheim, California

From The Desk of the Wiley Drake Campaign…

   Dr. Ornales
   Elite TV News

Re: Official Status and Exclusive First Rights

 Dr. Ornales:

On behalf of the Wiley Drake campaign for President of the United States we welcome and appoint Elite TV News as the “Official” Media Team Captain for the campaign. We further in lieu of this kind assistance grant Elite TV News the first right of refusal on all Campaign media, meaning that all other media entities must receive their up-links through or with the permission of Elite. In the case wherein Elite may not be able to attend a Town Hall or Press Conference that Elite will coordinate an alternate or release it back to the campaign on those days for us to go out to the general market place.

We look forward to having strong and talented professionals working together to get the message out to the people of the United States and beyond.

Much to do and we are glad your there with us.

Should you have any questions, please do hesitate to call me.

Warmest Regards,

 Dr. Mark A. Rafter
   Campaign Chairman