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the s.o.g. crew,KICKBOXING(Article featured on Entertainment News Express)

A successful infusion of hip hop provided by a local group and Muay Thai made this past Sunday’s kickboxing tournament at Valdez Muay Thai Kickboxing in East Los Angeles a memorable event for the 20 year old establishment. EMG and Universal Christian Music Group artist, The S.O.G. Crew from Anaheim, CA, kept the excitement going during the intermission of a 15 fight tournament displaying a handful of mixes from their tri-album career. Hyping up the crowd from within the ring, the group contains three members; Battle Ax (Lead Rapper), Krista ‘Luminous V’ (Soulful Singer), and DJ Siren (Female DJ/Rapper). Families of the competitors and local community supporters filled the gym to capacity and could be seen dancing and bobbing their heads to the sound of the music. Gyms from southern California areas such as; Master Chaney Family Martial Arts, Mooring’s Powerbox Gym, Saekson Muay Thai Association, Sarkissian, Perris Valley Kickboxing and Valdez Muay Thai Kickboxing brought their competitors to fight for trophies. Taking home the most trophies at 5 wins was Master Chaney’s kickboxers; Saekson at 4 and Valdez at 3 wins.

George Valdez, Two-Time Hall of Famer Kickboxing Champion and Owner of Valdez Muay Thai Kickboxing , states about having an intermission provided by The S.O.G. Crew; “I loved it! It was cool! I would love to do it again and again! I loved the music! This was just a stepping stone into the Pro level!”

“It was an honor to be invited to perform for the families and friends of the Kickboxers. Music has a deep effect on the hearts of people and to be able to share our music with the martial arts industry is just another door that we are blessed to travel through. We look forward to working with both the amateur and professional levels!”states DJ Siren of The S.O.G. Crew.

“I want to take this time to personally thank George Valdez and Valdez Muay Thai Kickboxing in East Los Angeles for the opportunity for allowing The S.O.G. Crew to be a part of the tournament. Looking forward to the next one.”
Battle Ax The S.O.G. crew

Muay Thai Kickboxing, also known as “The Art of Eight Limbs,” is the national martial art of Thailand. It’s a stand-up style of combat that uses ‘Eight’ points of contact for striking; two fists, two feet, two elbows and two knees. Plans of hosting The S.O.G. Crew for future Martial Arts tournaments at the amateur and professional levels are in the works between George Valdez of Valdez Muay Thai Kickboxing and S.O.G. Crew’s Administrators. For future events and competitions visit: http://www.valdezkickboxing.com.

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