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Written by Corina Gonzalez, EliteTVNews.com

Over 250 pseudo Spartan competitors and twice as many spectators squeezed into the Calamigos Ranch property for the bloodiest and most gut-wrenching obstacle race ever to come to the Southern California area, The Malibu Spartan Sprint! This past Saturday, competitors came from all over the U.S. voluntarily submitting themselves to the mercy of a Spartan’s training; spear throwing, a gladiator pit, fire walls, a climb to the gods (slippery wall), Artemis Challenge (World’s Longest Barbed Wire Crawl) all under a 50 degree weather condition!

One Spartan competitor came from the LAPD Devonshire Division Northridge, C. Perez ; she, like many other law enforcement and military personnel, came for the thrill of being put to the ultimate strength and endurance test! As she crossed the finish line with her trophy around her neck, covered in mud, drenched, and bruised from her knees and elbows; she states, “Whoa! That was so hard! Oh my gosh! But, I did it all by myself! I didn’t need any help! I’m doing it again next year!”

The Spartan Race is for all ages. There are Jr. Spartan races for children from 5 years to 13 years old as well as a period for 14 year olds and older teens to participate with the adults. There was food, beverages, vendors, live bands, deejays and activity sampling available for all spectators. Join in the fun next year! All proceeds go towards Homes for Troops.org and Ron Dixon’s Kid’s Marathon. For more information visit: www.spartanrace.com.

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