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Written by Krista Rocha EliteTVNews.com

(Featured in WorldBookandNews.com) October was “Pink” month. National Breast Cancer Awareness month and all over the nation people come together for this one special cause. Organizations annually put together fundraisers to help educate the public about early detection, the cause, treatment, and support for women and their families.

Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation hosted the Pink Carpet Event in Huntington Beach, CA. Held at Black Bull Chophouse where the environment was a club scene using hip-hop music to grab attention of young adults and get them involved. A pink carpet lay at the entrance where a $5 donation was given at the door. Special guest performance by local artist The S.O.G Crew performed and really rocked the house. They have always supported and managed to network with any positive cause. It is no surprise to find them here at the Pink carpet event supporting breast cancer awareness. “S.O.G is the truth! No matter if it’s ten or one thousand people, they give it 100%!” DJ Romeo Power 106 FM Los Angeles, CA. Other performances that night included Crystal Rome, Kemlab, and Battle Holex Crew. Sponsors included: My Big Earth, Boots, A.V.T, , Pixel Town and Susan G. Komen for the cure.

SOG Media and The S.O.G Crew have now expanded from hip-hop, urban, intervention, and education, to world news. SOG Media is a company owned by Dr. Robert Ornelas and is the official media channel for the nation of Burundi. Dr. Robert “Battle Ax” Ornelas is the Special Advisor for Youth-North America, Latin Communities, to Dr. Clyde Rivers, Honorary Ambassador at large for the Republic of Burundi. The commitment in this partnership is to make the country of Burundi and the world, a better place. www.elitetvnews.com

Elite TV and The S.O.G Crew covering The Pink Carpet Event for Breast Cancer awareness at 'Black Bull Chop House' in Huntington Beach CA